Student hacked into computers, police say

Student hacked into computers, police say
Student hacked into computers, police say 

By Mike Heine
Gazette Staff
December 5, 2006

ELKHORN - A student hacked into computers of four UW-Whitewater 
staffers, gaining access to sensitive information such as passwords, 
student disciplinary discussions and exam answers, according to a 
criminal complaint.

Michael W. Mraz Jr. was charged with two felony computer crimes and 
burglary and faces more than 19 years in prison if convicted.

According to the complaint, Mraz installed "Keylogger" software onto at 
least four computers by downloading it from his university-issued flash 
drive, a portable data storage device. Mraz worked in the Resident Life 

When installed, Keylogger software captures keystrokes of the computer's 
user as well as screenshots of locations the user might visit. The 
hacker can remotely monitor this activity to decipher the user's ID and 
password and gain access to programs the hacker is not otherwise allowed 
to use.

According to the complaint, Mraz had a text file and logged keystrokes 
of four university employees on his flash drive. On a CD, Mraz had were 
more logged keystrokes, an exam with correct answers, student 
disciplinary discussions and information pertinent to a police 

Mraz allegedly collected the data between March 20 and May 10. 
Surveillance videos captured Mraz allegedly downloading the software 
onto a university computer.

University officials discovered the program on one computer in Goodhue 
Hall on April 23. They reviewed surveillance footage and identified Mraz 
as the only person in the room with the computer on that date, according 
to the complaint.

Mraz has an arraignment hearing Friday, Dec. 15.

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