London top spot to lose your tech in a taxi

London top spot to lose your tech in a taxi
London top spot to lose your tech in a taxi 

By Angus Kidman    
12 December 2006

Londoners are the most likely people to lost their mobile phones, PDAs 
and notebooks in a taxi, but the city also has the most honest cab 
drivers, a new study reveals.

A survey of 2000 taxi drivers across 11 global cities -- including 
Sydney, San Francisco, Washington, Bombay, and seven European cities -- 
by mobile security vendor Pointsec found that over the last six months, 
Londoners left behind 54,874 mobile phones, 4,718 PDAs, 3,179 laptops 
and 923 thumb drives. However, Londoners were also the most likely to 
get their devices back, with 96% of phones and 97% of notebooks being 
reunited with their owners.

Bombay and Sydney came second and third in the rankings for losing 
mobile phones, while Blackberry-obsessed politicians meant that 
Washington came second on the PDA listing. Notebooks were most likely to 
go missing in London, Munich and Bombay.

While the numbers suggest there are plenty of forgetful/stupid mobile 
device owners, taxi drivers come up in a largely favourable light. 
Overall, 75% of passengers got their lost mobiles back, and 78% were 
reunited with their laptops.

One hideous exception was San Francisco, where just 32% of notebook PCs 
were returned. So if you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some 
extra padlocks on your PC bag.

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