Blueprint Ventures Hacked

Blueprint Ventures Hacked
Blueprint Ventures Hacked 229 

By Sean Wolfe
Red Herring
December 13, 2006

Call it a Friday night special.

Over the weekend, South San Francisco-based Blueprint Ventures, backer 
of such companies as Airtight Networks, KeyEye Communications, and 
Visto, lost their Web site to a hacker, whose modus operandi is to alter 
the domain name server pointer, and direct it to porn sites, then await 
a ransom to undo those changes.

Now, the company is wrangling with to get it back.

Bart Schachter, managing director at Blueprint said he wasnt sure how it 
had happened. On Friday evening when he left work all was well. Then 
over the weekend, his email stopped working.  Did Blueprint fail to pay 
domain registration fees? No, Mr. Schachter said.

Its like identity fraud.  Now we cant even get into the 
entry, because they changed all the passwords, he said.

Blueprints former domain now lists Andrew Krukov, presumably a false 
name, in Moscow, Russia. The email address for Mr. Krukov leads to a 
domain registered in the name of Andy Placid, whose name is attached to 
a number of domains - some not fit to reprint here - but including, and - a known source of pornography spam.

What weve found is that this guy has done it quite frequently and that 
porn seems to be how he gets his ransom. Its not because hes trying to 
sell porn, but because its probably offensive to the original owners to 
get them to pay, Mr. Schachter said.

Blueprints working on getting its site back, but complains that the 
process for getting its site restored is lengthy.

Its probably going to take weeks, which is absurd. Its like someone 
stealing a car, and youre pointing to it, you have the papers, but they 
wont give it back to you.

The impact to the firm has been significant, as the company is working 
in closing two deals before years end.

Its messed with the closing schedulebut the real handicap is to go 
without email, he said.

Blueprint Venture has set up a temporary site at until the matter is resolved. 

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