Microsoft hands out Ferrari's to bloggers

Microsoft hands out Ferrari's to bloggers
Microsoft hands out Ferrari's to bloggers 

[Alas, for 2006 there's over 1000 mentions of Microsoft in InfoSec News, 
but there was no e-mail from either Microsoft or Edelman PR on where to 
ship a shiny new laptop. Honestly, I would have been ecstatic with the 
refurbished Thinkpad T41 my local VAR was trying to sell me...   - WK]

By Long Zheng
December 27th, 2006

Microsoft together with AMD gave out some really nice Christmas presents 
to a bunch of bloggers this year. Brandon LeBlanc [1] got one, Scott 
Beale [2] got one, Barb Bowman [3] got one, Mauricio Freitas [4] got 
one, Mitch Denny [5] got one, Zen.Heavengames [6] got one, plus many 
other bloggers who did not even write about it (shame on them). They 
seem to have covered everyone from A-list to Z-list, a first in the 
industry with such a valuable gift, kudos for thinking about the little 

Update: Some people got Ferrari 1000s, others got 5000s. The following 
specs are from the 5000.

The machine looks just as good as it specs. As part of Acers Ferrari 
designer computing range, the carbon-fiber case is styled with a slick 
threaded finish with genuine Ferrari badging and color strips. Just like 
the racing counterpart, this machine has grunt. It sports an AMD Turion 
64 X2 dual-core 2ghz CPU, 2GB of DDR2-667 RAM, AMD-ATI Mobility Radeon 
X1600 on a 15.4? widescreen. It also has a 160GB SATA drive, HD-DVD 
reader and burner as well as a 1.3mp camera. Full specifications 
available at the Acer website.

Assuming it doesnt use Sony batteries, this laptop blows everything out 
of the water. It retails for a hot $2,299. But if you write about 
Microsoft, they might even give you one for free. Is it ethical? 
Probably not. Is it worth something to hard-working sweat and tears 
bloggers? Hell yeah.

I dont see the Free Software Foundation handing out any Ferraris. :P

Update: Robert Scoble also picked up the story, comparing this to 
PayPerPost. Although I think PayPerPost is about profiting, whilst this 
is about rewarding. Even though the outcome might be the same.

Update 2: Dan Warne from APCMag has a different perspective on this 
issue, he thinks this is highly inappropriate and immoral. Could this 
act of generosity turn upside-down into a PR disaster?

Update 3: Just something for everyone to keep in mind. Remember bloggers 
are given a choice which includes giving the machine back when theyre 
done with it. Keeping the unit is a decision made solely by the bloggers 
receiving the computers. 



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