Defense ministry warns personnel of hacker attacks

Defense ministry warns personnel of hacker attacks
Defense ministry warns personnel of hacker attacks 

By Jimmy Chuang
April 11, 2007

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) yesterday urged military 
personnel to stay alert, warning of potential attacks from computer 
hackers. The ministry asked personnel who work with confidential 
information to be especially on their guard.

"Vigilance starts at the individual level," said Major General Chai 
Hui-chen (???), division chief for the ministry's Communications and 
Electronics Department.

Chai made her remarks after being asked to comment on a recent 
intelligence leak at the National Defense University.

A colonel illegally took home classified information concerning the 
Hankwang military exercise because he wanted to continue his work after 
office hours.

The officer had downloaded software from Chinese Web sites onto his home 
computer that planted a back-door access program. Hackers then stole the 
classified information from his computer without the officer noticing.

The officer did not realize that his computer had been hacked until law 
enforcement officers discovered the hackers' attack, which originated in 
China, and reported it to the ministry.

The ministry yesterday said the case was under investigation.

At least six generals could face punishment from the ministry if the 
case is designated as an "espionage case," Chai said.

Asked why the university's anti-espionage officer had let anyone take 
home classified information, Chai replied: "We will certainly impose 
stricter security measures in the future to prevent similar cases from 

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