Hacker who left U.S. offers to surrender

Hacker who left U.S. offers to surrender
Hacker who left U.S. offers to surrender 

By Matt Miller
Cumberland County Bureau
April 20, 2007

CARLISLE - Shawn L. Fitzgerald, a computer hacker who once caused a work 
stoppage at Rite Aid Corp., disappeared 61/2 years ago after missing a 
meeting with his probation officer.

North Middleton Twp. police heard rumors that he had fled to England 
with a girlfriend he'd met online.

They also feared that Fitzgerald, whose wife, Susan, is serving a 13 
1/2- to 28-year state prison term for the 1995 smothering death of her 
2-year-old son, might have been the victim of foul play.

The mystery was solved this week: Police received a tip on their Web 
site that Shawn Fitzgerald was in Liverpool, England.

Police were checking the tip yesterday when Fitzgerald, 42, formerly of 
Marilyn Drive, phoned his Cumberland County probation officer and 
offered to surrender, Lively said.

It was determined that his crimes don't merit a trans-Atlantic 

According to court records, Shawn Fitzgerald was arrested by Lower Allen 
Twp. police in 1999 on a charge of hacking into Rite Aid's computers 
after being fired as a programmer for the company.

He pleaded guilty to unlawful use of a computer, and in late 1999 was 
sentenced to 4 years of probation. An arrest warrant was issued in late 
2000 when he left the area without telling his probation officer.

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