ISG Seeks Information Security

ISG Seeks Information Security
ISG Seeks Information Security 

By Frances Ovia

In a bid to ensure that a lasting solution is achieved in our 
environment, the second monthly meeting of Information Security Group 
(ISG), Africa forum which was held recently with all stakeholders in the 
information security space in attendance has advocated that information 
security must be accorded top priority.

In a key note address, David Isiavwe, General Manager, UBA Plc, said "If 
corporations want employees and shareholders to be their top priority, 
then information security must become their paramount concern".

With the threats of terrorism and a dramatic increase in the number and 
complexity of other security-related risks such as computer viruses, 
cyber attacks, theft, extortion and fraud, he affirmed that companies 
must find a more comprehensive approach to protecting their employees, 
core networks and facilities.

Isiavwe explained that as new threats emerge and business transactions 
become more intricate, adhering to regulations and compliance guidelines 
also becomes more complex and challenging. The focus on security from an 
enterprise perspective has led to innovative approaches that emphasize 
the big picture encompassing risk and strategic planning in business 
organizations, he said.

Companies' assets are now increasingly information-based and intangible, 
and even most physical assets rely heavily on information. Technology is 
now allowing companies to offer more information products. As these 
products become increasingly intangible, there is a greater need for 
information security throughout the entire enterprise. Organizations 
rely on their IT systems to provide real value, increase competitive 
advantage and improve relationships with customers and trading partners.

"The convergence of logical and physical security is a natural 
progression that enables businesses to better protect all of their 
assets and achieve significant financial efficiencies.

Increasingly, information security is becoming a legal obligation. It 
was historically a technical job for the IT department, but it is now a 
far bigger legal issue with the ever increasing number of lawsuits, 
court decisions and focus on international legislation all of which 
clearly demonstrates that senior managers have a legal obligation to 
protect their company's information", he stressed.

According to him, using static passwords and a firewall is not enough 
today, he added, pointing out that Cyber terrorism is a real threat as 
it presents a significant opportunity to destroy the economic 
environment of organisations and the society at large.

He stated that the migration of business, government and the activities 
of individuals to technology-driven platforms, the technical evolution 
towards undisrupted availability of systems, instant access to networks 
and the growing risks to the global IT infrastructure make it mandatory 
for the infrastructure to be protected by all concerned parties.

Isiavwe argued that indeed, companies that support security functions 
and devote more resources towards its implementation will emerge as 
leaders not only in their own sectors, but across all sectors.

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