Stolen Laptop Stored Personal Police Data

Stolen Laptop Stored Personal Police Data
Stolen Laptop Stored Personal Police Data 

June 1, 2007

The personal information of every police officer in Texas was in the 
hands of thieves Friday, after a laptop computer containing the data was 

A laptop containing each officer's private information was stolen from a 
Houston software company that stores sensitive records for the Texas 
Commission on Law Enforcement.

"The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement maintains all the records for 
all the law enforcement agencies, peace officers and county jailers and 
others, telecommuters and others to the tune of approximately 97,000 
individuals," said James Heironimus of the commission. "My name was on 
that database as well, as a peace officer."

Those individuals got an e-mail last month about the break in and theft.

"Our chief of police forwarded that information to the supervisors here 
at UTPD, and those supervisors were asked to inform those officers to 
the loss of the laptop," said spokeswoman Rhonda Weldon of the 
University of Texas Police Department.

Heironimus said they are working with the Houston Police Department to 
track down the thieves and are asking officers to monitor their credit 
reports for possible fraud.

KXAN was told the thieves hit several businesses that night, and the 
laptop may not have been a specific target.

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