Hackers "nuke" Czech beauty spot

Hackers "nuke" Czech beauty spot
Hackers "nuke" Czech beauty spot 

20th June 2007

A Czech webcam was streaming lovely pastoral pictures of a local beauty 
spot, until hackers gained access and inserted pictures of the area 
being "nuked". Unfortunately, the video was also then broadcast live on 

The incident occurred on Sunday morning on Czech TV programme Panorama. 
Hackers interrupted the regular webcam transmission with video "footage" 
of a nuclear explosion.

The stunt was pulled by a group of "artists" known as Ztohoven [1]. 
Their website promptly went offline as massive numbers of users 
investigated the pranksters.

The group released a statement on their MySpace page [2] to tell people 
they were not terrorists or a political group and their goal was not 
"somehow to frighten the society, or to manipulate it, as we see it 
everyday in real world and in media [sic]."

"We think that a slight violation of this system, could work as a way to 
shaken men, whose mental independence should never be affected in 
democratic lands," the statement read.

Security experts warned that this type of hacking demonstrates the 
security vulnerabilities involved when transmitting information across 
the internet.

"Internet-delivered broadcasts and internet TV transmissions are still 
in their infancy, but this doesn't stop hackers from attacking weak 
points in the transmission infrastructure," says Geoff Sweeney, chief 
technology officer of behavioural analysis software company Tier-3.

You can watch footage of the "explosion" here [3]:


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