Numerous Bugs in Safari 3.0 for Windows Beta

Numerous Bugs in Safari 3.0 for Windows Beta
Numerous Bugs in Safari 3.0 for Windows Beta

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=== CONTENTS ==================================================
IN FOCUS: Numerous Bugs in Safari 3.0 for Windows Beta

   - Three Botnet Operators Arrested
   - SonicWALL to Expand Offerings with Aventail Acquisition
   - Recent Security Vulnerabilities

   - Security Matters Blog: Phishers Using Wildcard DNS
   - FAQ: Mapping Accounts to Services
   - Share Your Security Tips

   - A Managed Service for Security and Systems Management
   - Product Evaluations from the Real World




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=== IN FOCUS: Numerous Bugs in Safari 3.0 for Windows Beta ====   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

Browser vulnerabilities are serious business. Windows administrators 
already have contend with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) bugs flying 
out of the woodwork nearly faster than Microsoft can fix them, Mozilla 
Firefox bugs appearing at a lesser rate, and of course bugs in the 
Opera browser. If that isn't enough to keep up with, we're about to see 
another browser and its inevitable security vulnerabilities added to 
the mix. 

Apple recently released a beta version of Safari 3.0.1 for Windows (see 
the first URL below). Security researchers immediately began banging 
away at it looking for vulnerabilities, and they've already struck pay 
dirt. A torrent of newfound vulnerabilities is now raining down upon 

Writing in his company blog (at the URL below), Dave Maynor of Errata 
Security, said, "We found a total of six bugs in an afternoon, 4 [of 
which lead to] denial of service and two [that allow] remote code 
execution." Maynor added that while he did test the beta for Windows, 
the bugs also exist in a production version of Safari for OS X. Maynor 
also said that he has "weaponized" one of the bugs into a working 

Maynor isn't alone in his discoveries. Aviv Raff also put Safari 
through a hammering. Raff said that "I wasn't surprised to get a nice 
crash a few minutes later." What Raff discovered was a memory 
corruption problem, which can often lead to remote exploits. See the 
URL below for details. 

Two more researchers, "jsz" and "Trancer," discovered a Denial of 
Service (DoS) exploit, which you can read about at the first URL below. 
Tom Ferris said he found 10 vulnerabilities (at the second URL below) 
but didn't elaborate. He's holding them until the browser is released. 

Robert Swiecki discovered a spoofing vulnerability in the first beta 
release (see the first URL below) that has been fixed in the Safari 
3.0.1 beta. And Thor Larholm discovered "a fully functional command 
execution vulnerability, triggered without user interaction simply by 
visiting a web site." See the second URL for information on that 
problem. I'm sure there are other Safari 3.0.1 vulnerabilities that I 
haven't learned about yet. 

Like Microsoft, which attempts to write applications that are "secure 
by design," Apple boasts that it "designed Safari to be secure from day 
one." But as the flurry of vulnerabilities shows, Apple's contention 
doesn't hold water. 

Because Apple has reacted rather harshly (and sometimes with media 
spin) to a few previous incidents of reported security problems, some 
researchers, such as Maynor and Ferris, have little if any intention of 
notifying Apple up front about the details of their discoveries. 

Although Apple has already plugged a few of the holes mentioned in this 
article, I'm still almost certain that we're going to see a lot of 
zero-day exploits against Safari. As is often said in the security 
industry, "You've been warned." 

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Three Botnet Operators Arrested
   The FBI revealed that it has arrested three people who allegedly 
built and managed botnets. 

SonicWALL to Expand Offerings with Aventail Acquisition
   SonicWALL will gain new SSL VPN features and functionality through 
its planned acquisition of Aventail. 

Recent Security Vulnerabilities
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SECURITY MATTERS BLOG: Phishers Using Wildcard DNS
by Mark Joseph Edwards, 

Wildcard DNS is a handy feature, and phishers are apparently using it 
to bypass filtering. 

FAQ: Mapping Accounts to Services
by John Savill, 

Q: What is a Service Principal Name (SPN) mapping?

Find the answer at 

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