CFP: ISOI III (a DA workshop)

CFP: ISOI III (a DA workshop)
CFP: ISOI III (a DA workshop)

Forwarded from: Gadi Evron 

CFP: ISOI III (a DA workshop)


CFP information and current speakers below.

ISOI 3 will be held in Washington DC this August the 27th, 28th.

This time around the folks at US-CERT (Department of Homeland Security -
DHS) are hosting. Sunbelt Software is running the after-party dinner.

We only have a partial agenda at this time (see below), but to remind 
you of what you will see, here are the previous ones:
http: //
http: //

If you haven't RSVP'd yet, please do so soon. Although we have 240 
seats, we are running out of space.

A web page for ISOI 3 will be up in a few days at 

27th, 28th August, 2007
Washington DC -
AED conference center: 

Registration (RSVP) via is mandatory, no cost attached to 


This is the official CFP for ISOI 3. Main subjects include: fastflux, 
fraud, DDoS, botnets. Other subjects relating to Internet security 
operations are also welcome.

Some of our current speakers as you can see below lecture on anything 
from Estonia's "war" to current web 2.0 threats in-the-wild.

Please email as soon as possible to submit a proposal. 
I will gather them and give them to our committee (Jeff Moss) for review.

Current speakers (before committee decision)

Roger Thompson (Exp Labs
- Google adwords .. .the dangers of dealing with the Russian mafia

Barry Raveendran Greene (Cisco)
- What you should be asking me as a routing vendor

John LaCour (Mark Monitor)
- Vulnerabilities used to hack sites for phishing
- Using XSS to track phishers

Dan Hubbard (Websense)
- Mpack and Honeyjax (Web 2.0 honeypots)

April Lorenzen
- Fastflux: Operational Update

William Salusky (AOL)
- The Spammer Evolves -  Migration to WebMail

Hillar Aarelaid (Estonian CERT)
- Incident Response During the Recent Attack

Gadi Evron (Beyond Security)
- Strategic Lessons From the Estonian "First Internet War"

Jose Nazarijo (Arbor)
- Botnet statistics from the Estonian attack

Andrew Fried (Treasury Department)
- Phishing and the IRS - New Methods

Danny McPherson (Arbor)

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