Fox News Server Found Unsecured

Fox News Server Found Unsecured
Fox News Server Found Unsecured,134943-c,onlinesecurity/article.html 

By Jeremy Kirk
IDG News Service
July 23, 2007

Security analysts spotted a gaping security hole in Fox News Network 
LLC's Web site on Monday, revealing file directories and sensitive 
content, although it appears the problem has been fixed.

Several directories were visible on a server for Fox News [1] that 
should normally not be accessible by a Web browser over the Internet.

A systems administrator may have forgotten that the directories were 
viewable over the Internet or erroneously changed the permissions needed 
to view the directories, said Ronald van den Heetkamp, who runs the blog 
"The Hacker Webzine." [2] The Fox News site runs on the Apache Web 
server software on Ubuntu Linux.

"This isn't a very clever idea," wrote van den Heetkamp, in an e-mail to 
IDG News Service. The security problem is "huge enough, and a few 
sensitive files have been found."

Also exposed was an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection to, plus a username and a password in a bash file, which is a 
Linux shell script used in this case to automatically login into an FTP 
server and grab news headlines, van den Heetkamp said.

It would be hard to directly exploit the Web server, but being able to 
see how the Web site is structured could open other ideas for an attack 
in the future, van den Heetkamp said.

"They will have tons of people downloading their data right now as we 
speak, which is bad in any case," he said.

Fox officials were not immediately available for comment.


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