Credit card users fall prey to criminals prowling net

Credit card users fall prey to criminals prowling net
Credit card users fall prey to criminals prowling net

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July 25, 2007

DUBAI - JUL 25: Cases related to credit cards make up 10 per cent of the 
total cyber crime cases heard by Dubai Courts, revealed a top official 
of Dubai Police=E2=80=99s cyber crime unit.

Captain Rashid Ahmed Lootah, head of the Electronic Forensics of the 
Criminal Evidence Department, said: =E2=80=9CMost thefts were committed through 
systems in commercial centres or shops where some workers had another 
system to copy credit card data.

=E2=80=9CAnd data is sometimes sold to people who exploit them for criminal 
purposes.=E2=80=9D On measures taken by banks to combat credit card crimes, Capt 
Lootah said: =E2=80=9CThe UAE banks have started to pay attention to the problem 
by monitoring withdrawal operations through cards done from outside the 
country. Banks contact their customers to make sure they are abroad. 
This has restricted the phenomenon that flourishes during certain 
seasons, mainly the summer holidays.=E2=80=9D The official also said credit card 
data can be easily copied using certain systems, but cards bearing a 
special magnetised part make this difficult to do. Several banks have 
started issuing such cards to protect their customers.

Capt Lootah said Dubai Police received several complaints so far this 
year about card and data thefts and unauthorised withdrawals from bank 
accounts. It became clear later that the withdrawals were done through 
the internet where money was transferred to different bank accounts held 
under the names of various people.

=E2=80=9CWe found that the transactions were done through an internet caf=C3=A9. We 
also discovered that a man had published an advertisement in a newspaper 
announcing a vacancy for two drivers at a monthly salary of Dh3,000.

He opened fictitious bank accounts for them in some banks and was able 
to get access to the accounts through hacking. He embezzled some 
Dh350,000.=E2=80=9D Capt Lootah said the man was arrested within two weeks and 
sent to the Public Prosecution. He was tried and sentenced for five 
years for this and other cases. The official also revealed the cars used 
in the Wafi City robbery had been stolen through an electronic 


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