Microsoft's DRM Cracked Again

Microsoft's DRM Cracked Again
Microsoft's DRM Cracked Again

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IN FOCUS:  Microsoft's DRM Cracked Again

   - Symantec Releases AntiBot to Fight Bot Infection
   - Mozilla Releases Firefox
   - Recent Security Vulnerabilities

   - Security Matters Blog: How Does Your Company Stack Up with ISO 
   - FAQ: Viewing the Owner of a File from PowerShell
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   - Manage Your Passwords for Hard Drive Encryption
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=== IN FOCUS: Microsoft's DRM Cracked Again ============   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

It's happened before, it happened last week, and it will happen again 
in the future. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is destined to 
perpetually remain a vulnerable target because no one writes flawless 
code and hackers are incredibly persistent in tracking down flaws.

Last week, a person using the nickname Divine Tao posted a message 
about a new DRM crack to the Doom9 forum--a place where media 
enthusiasts share information about digital media conversion 
techniques. The Doom9 site bills itself as "the definitive DVD backup 

In the message (at the URL below), Divine Tao "introduces a new tool 
for uncovering the individual keys from Microsoft's DRM blackbox 
components (IBX), up to version 11.0.6000.6324. Lacking the source code 
to the extant programs, I can only offer this output of my own 
efforts." Divine Tao then includes several links to download the tool 
at various mirror sites. Other participants in the forum confirm that 
the tool works to get around Microsoft's DRM on both Vista and Windows 

You might recall that previous efforts to crack Microsoft's DRM 
resulted in a tool called FairUse4WM that was published in August 2006. 
Soon after the release of the tool, Microsoft released software updates 
that prevented it from working. This latest crack provides an update to 
FairUse4WM that makes it work again. Of course, Microsoft will probably 
release another update to patch whatever flaws are being exploited now. 

Microsoft filed suit last year after the release of FairUse4WM seeking 
to discover who the developer of the tool is. However, the company 
apparently dropped that suit. Incidentally, the person who originally 
published FairUse4WM used the nickname "viodentia," and as observers 
have pointed out, "Divine Tao" happens to be an anagram of that name. 
So someone might be playing mind games with Microsoft, or maybe the 
same person released both tools.

Some companies, such as Apple and EMI, have started releasing 
unprotected copyrighted media content at a slightly higher price that 
many people seem willing to pay. Selling unprotected content for an 
extra cost seems like a reasonable approach to a problem nagging a lot 
of video and music fans.

Fair use arguments aside, most readers of this newsletter probably 
don't have to worry about their content being potentially put at risk 
by this latest FairUse4WM tool release. However, you probably don't 
want a tool such as FairUse4WM on your network for liability reasons. 
Therefore, you should try to ensure that the tool doesn't become stored 
on your computers and used for illegal purposes. So head over to Doom9, 
get a copy of the tool, build MD5 checksums or other file 
identification information, and scan your systems for signs that the 
tool might be present. Or use your existing security tools and policy 
compliance solutions to accomplish the same thing. 

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Symantec Releases AntiBot to Fight Bot Infection
   Symantec's latest tool, AntiBot, monitors system behavior to detect 
telltale signs of bot activity. 

Mozilla Releases Firefox
   The latest release fixes eight security problems, and Mozilla 
strongly recommends that everyone install it as soon as possible. 

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FAQ: Viewing the Owner of a File from PowerShell
by John Savill, 

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