Apple iPhone Out, BlackBerry 8800 In At NASA

Apple iPhone Out, BlackBerry 8800 In At NASA
Apple iPhone Out, BlackBerry 8800 In At NASA 1202008 

By Paul McDougall
July 31, 2007

NASA astronauts and other employees won't be using Apple iPhones to surf 
the Internet or send text messages anytime soon -- at least not while 
they're on the job.

On the other hand, they could soon have access to spiffy new 

The space agency has determined the iPhone "not to be enterprise ready," 
according to the minutes of a July 10 meeting of NASA tech officials 
obtained by InformationWeek.

According to the minutes, the decision was made by officials within 
NASA's ODIN program office. ODIN, or Outsourcing Desktop Initiative For 
NASA, is a program under which NASA is outsourcing computer supply and 
support to private-sector companies.

The meeting minutes indicate that Jeff Stephens, an ODIN acting project 
manager who also works for defense contractor Lockheed Martin, broke the 
news that the iPhone won't fly at NASA. Reached Monday at his office in 
Washington, D.C., Stephens said only that, "I can't comment on that one 
way or the other."

Stephens didn't respond to a follow up e-mail. Apple officials didn't 
return a call Monday seeking comment.

The meeting minutes viewed by InformationWeek didn't indicate why NASA 
officials believe the iPhone isn't ready for prime time as a business 
tool. However, analysts at IT research firm Gartner last month issued a 
research bulletin on the iPhone that outlined a range of concerns.

Among them: lack of support from major device management and mobile 
security software suites, lack of removable batteries, and Apple's 
exclusive contract with network provider AT&T.

Still, NASA employees aren't completely out in the cold when it comes to 
having a hot new PDA. The July 10 meeting minutes indicate that the 
agency is planning to support the new BlackBerry 8800 from Research In 
Motion and the Palm Treo 750.

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