Ubuntu servers shut down for attacking others

Ubuntu servers shut down for attacking others
Ubuntu servers shut down for attacking others 

By Nick Farrell
15 August 2007

MAKER OF the Open Sauce Ubuntu software, Cannonical had to shut down 
five of the eight of its servers after receiving reports that they were 
attacking other servers.

Knowing that there is nothing worse than a bunch of chavish Linux 
servers looking for a rumble, or goading Windows computers with calls 
of, "Come and have a go, if you're hard enough," Cannonical decided to 
pull the plug.

With the offending servers out of action, Cannonical called for 
probation reports and found that the servers had a variety of problems.

Not only had the servers not been taking their security patches, which 
tends to make most servers a bit aggressive. There was a marked 
disparity between themselves and other posher servers.

A Cannonical spokesman said that it was not surprising that the servers 
were feeling disaffected and socially isolated. While other servers in 
the Linux world are regularly upgraded they had missed out because there 
were problems finding drivers for the network cards.

The problem has still not been resolved and Cannonical were going to 
talk to the server's parent community.

We guess the problem is that you can't give a server an asbo.

More here [1].  


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