4 More Tools for Your Toolkit

4 More Tools for Your Toolkit
4 More Tools for Your Toolkit

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=== CONTENTS ==================================================
IN FOCUS: 4 More Tools for Your Toolkit

   - Ubuntu Team Servers Suffer Intrusion
   - GFI to Expand MailArchiver Capabilities
   - Recent Security Vulnerabilities

   - Security Matters Blog: Intel Invests in VMware; Security on a Chip
   - FAQ: Exploring Windows Processes
   - From the Forum: Vulnerability Scanners
   - Share Your Security Tips

   - Gateway Appliance Does Multiple Security Tasks
   - Product Evaluations from the Real World




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=== IN FOCUS: 4 More Tools for Your Toolkit ============   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

Last week, I learned about four security tools that I hadn't come 
across previously. The tools, available for free from MANDIANT and 
Immunity, each make a worthwhile new addition to your security toolkit. 

The first tool, Web Historian, developed by MANDIANT (formerly Red 
Cliff Consulting), analyzes Web browsing history files from major 
browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, 
Netscape Navigator, Opera, and Apple Safari. You might already have 
such a tool that analyzes browser history files (there are a few 
available); however this is the only tool I know of that can analyze 
the history files of such a wide range of browsers. 

The second tool, First Response, also from MANDIANT, is an incident-
handling tool. The software includes an agent that can be loaded on 
Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 systems to collect 
information from a variety of sources, such as the registry, event 
logs, file systems, and active processes. The tool uses a centralized 
console to collect information from its agents, analyze the data, build 
reports, and coordinate incident-response activity. In addition to 
working over a network, the tool can collect information directly from 
a local system that you have physical access to. 

The third tool is MANDIANT's Red Curtain. It's a new malware analysis 
tool that can inspect executables (including DLLs) to look for signs 
that the code might be dangerous. Information gathered by the tool 
includes signatures from development tools (commonly inserted by 
compilers and packagers), packaging type information, whether the code 
includes randomization, and more. The data is used to provide a 
possible threat level score. Depending on the overall score, you might 
decide to take a closer look at the file or quarantine it and move on 
to other tasks.

All three of MANDIANT's tools are available at 

Red Curtain leads me to the fourth tool, Immunity Debugger. If you 
happen to find a suspicious executable and want to take a deeper look 
at what it does, then a debugger can be an essential tool. 

Numerous debuggers are available today; however, unlike many other 
debuggers, a key feature of Immunity Debugger is that it's written 
specifically for security researchers. The tool includes both a GUI and 
a command line interface and supports Python scripting. A lot of the 
functionality of the debugger revolves around the Python subsystem, 
which lets you extend the debugger to conduct a variety of activities 
and lets you design custom routines that display data, accept user 
input, and more. Several sample scripts come with the tool to get you 
started. Another great feature of the tool is that it can latch onto a 
process via its filename, window name, process identifier (PID), 
process name, services, or TCP or UDP port. Overall, it's a powerful 

You can learn more about Immunity Debugger and download a copy at the 
URL below. 

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=== SECURITY NEWS AND FEATURES ================================
Ubuntu Team Servers Suffer Intrusion
   Some of the regional servers used by Ubuntu advocate teams were 
compromised and made to launch attacks against other systems. As a 
result, five of the servers were taken offline while steps were taken 
to secure them. 

GFI to Expand MailArchiver Capabilities
   GFI announced that it will acquire the technology assets of 
XEmplifyIT, an email management company. The acquisition will allow GFI 
to further empower its MailArchiver solution while at the same time 
removing a competitor from the marketplace. 

Recent Security Vulnerabilities
   If you subscribe to this newsletter, you also receive Security 
Alerts, which inform you about recently discovered security 
vulnerabilities. You can also find information about these 
discoveries at 

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=== GIVE AND TAKE =============================================
SECURITY MATTERS BLOG: Intel Invests in VMware; Security on a Chip
by Mark Joseph Edwards, 

Intel must see a bright future in VMware. The company recently anted a 
cool $219 million investment for roughly 10 million shares of VMware 
stock! In other partnering news, Intel and Symantec are reportedly 
working to develop "security on a chip." Read the blog to get the 

FAQ: Exploring Windows Processes
by John Savill, 

Q: What is the Process Explorer utility?

Find the answer at 

FROM THE FORUM: Vulnerability Scanners
   A forum participant is wondering which scanners other people have 
used and what their experiences have been with these products. Join the 
discussion at 

   Share your security-related tips, comments, or problems and 
solutions in Security Pro VIP's Reader to Reader column. Email your 
contributions to If we print your submission, 
you'll get $100. We edit submissions for style, grammar, and length.

=== PRODUCTS ================================================== by Renee Munshi, 

Gateway Appliance Does Multiple Security Tasks
   ContentWatch added three Internet gateway security appliances to its 
ContentProtect Security Appliance family. The new plug-and-play 
appliances combine content filtering, bandwidth management, IM and 
peer-to-peer control, antivirus, and antispyware capabilities in one 
box. The ContentProtect Security Appliance comes in three models: The 
CP 100 can host up to 200 users, the CP 300 hosts 1,000, and the CP 350 
hosts more than 5,000. 

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connected enterprise. 

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