California Farm Country Wants to Be Cyber War Central

California Farm Country Wants to Be Cyber War Central
California Farm Country Wants to Be Cyber War Central 

By Kevin Poulsen 
August 29, 2007

Politicos in California's rural Central Valley are lobbying to bring the 
Air Force's elite Cyber Command to nearby Beale Air Force Base, where it 
will boost the local economy with its environmentally-friendly form of 

The 25,000-person Cyber Command is currently headquartered at Barksdale 
AFB in Louisiana, but it's looking for a new home. Candidates include 
Offutt AFB, near Omaha, Nebraska, and Lackland AFB outside San Antonio, 

But politicians and community leaders in and around Yuba County, 
California say the sunshine state is the logical place to locate the 
Future of Warfare ... in part because cyber war is "green." From the 
Sacramento Bee [1]:

    John Nicoletti, Yuba County supervisor, said Beale's pitch is 
    especially attractive because the Cyber Command won't create 
    pollution on the scale of more traditional military operations.

    "This is a green industry," Nicoletti said. "We're not talking about 
    airplanes and solvents."

This is, of course, appalling. A quick check of the cyberwar doomsday 
map [2] reveals that Beale AFB is just 140 miles northeast of THREAT 
LEVEL headquarters in San Francisco. In other words, California managed 
to navigate the entire cold war without hosting a single nuclear missile 
silo on its fertile soil, and now Yuba wants to position Cyber Ground 
Zero upwind from the second most populous city on the west coast.

Thanks guys. We'll see how "green" you think cyber war is when your 
organic farms and windmill fields are slammed with deadly DDoS packets 
in a ruthless Chinese first strike -- the impact of which will be as bad 
as the worst natural disaster in U.S. history (two years ago this week).  
 From the same article:

    Sami Saydjari, executive director of the nonprofit Cyber Defense 
    Agency said the Cyber Command is being created to protect U.S. 
    government and business networks from the type of attack Estonia 
    suffered earlier this year.

    Over three weeks, an onslaught of "denial-of-service" messages -- 
    originating from Russian computers -- crippled electronic networks 
    used by the Estonian government, banking industry and media. 
    Saydjari said a successful attack against the United States could 
    cause devastation on the scale of Hurricane Katrina.

That means over 1,600 dead, thousands more displaced and homeless.  
Take it from a "nonprofit" Wisconsin computer security consultancy whose 
corporate logo [3] is crafted to look like a U.S. military seal.


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