InfowarCon Moved to March 2008 to Ease Scheduling Conflicts

InfowarCon Moved to March 2008 to Ease Scheduling Conflicts
InfowarCon Moved to March 2008 to Ease Scheduling Conflicts

The much anticipated revival of InfowarCon is going to have to wait 
another few months. Bowing to pressure from defense agencies, 
educational institutions and international organizations, the event 
conflicted with too many other senior level commitments during the 
September time frame.

InfowarCon founder Winn Schwartau said: We brought back InfowarCon at 
the request of countless people and organizations, both within the U.S. 
and internationally. We also made an assumption about timing a poor one 
as it turns out. It used to be the end of the fiscal year was perfect 
for the U.S. government, but times have changed.

Many of the senior officials who wanted to speak and attend were unable 
to commit.

To accommodate them and myriad others, InfowarCon has been rescheduled 
for 2-4 March, 2008, at the same location.

InfowarCons original dates also conflicted with the opening schedules of 
military schools and academies who wanted to participate. Professor Dan 
Kuehl of the National Defense University said: This is wonderful news. 
The end of the fiscal year is a big problem. This move will allow 
greater support from the educational and defense communities.

InfowarCon is a serious and important forum for cooperation between 
government and industry on national and global cyberterrorism.  To make 
this discussion meaningful we need input from as many voices as 
possible.  I absolutely support any move that increases participation.  
Its in the best interest of all concerned, said Richard Marshall, Senior 
Information Assurance Representative, Office of Legislative Affairs, 
National Security Agency.

InfowarCons sponsors have backed the move. All pre-registered attendees 
and sponsors will receive upgrades. New registrants will be able to 
sign-up at revised Early Bird rates at Just our way 
of making sure that InfowarCons passionate supporters will now get even 
more out of the event, said Schwartau.

Media Contact Information:

Eric Green
InfowarCon Tel: 240 396 0007 x 908 

InfowarCon Advisory Board: Dr. Dan Kuehl, National Defense University; 
Amit Yoran, NetWitness; Mark Rasch, FTI; Dorothy Denning, DoD; Richard 
Forno,; Lars Nicander, CATS; Bruce Brody, CACI.

InfowarCon Sponsors & Partners Include: The Department of Homeland 
Security (DHS), Mandiant, Netwitness, Purifile, Secure Computing, 
Lincoln Group, White Wolf Security, Department of Defense Cyber Crime 
Center (DC3), (ISC)2; Homeland Defense Journal, Government Security 
News, Homeland Defense Week,, Continuity Insights, InfraGard 
National Members Alliance, ISSA NOVA, Terrorism Research Center and 
National Defense University.

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