Last German hacker group leaves the country

Last German hacker group leaves the country
Last German hacker group leaves the country

Forwarded from: skyper (at) thc [dot] org 

We surrender!

The German fraction of THC stops all activities that have been labeled 
illegal under the German anti hacker law. The law forbids German 
citizens to research, discuss or disclouse security problems. THC is an 
independent non-commercial security research organization with over 10 
years of experience.

For the last 10 years THC exposed fishy security in commercial products, 
informed the customer and pushed the companies for stronger and better 
security. says a THC founder who does not want to be named.

Another German THC members was quoted saying [] we were similar what the 
ADAC is for cars: We made sure that what was labeled secure was secure 

When asked what kind of law the government should have passed a THC 
member responded there is no law that makes companies responsible for 
broken or insecure software. Anything can be labeled virus-safe or 
secure when in fact there is no security in the product whatsoever.

THC is the last of many research groups leaving Germany.

With no independent security research group left in Germany the citizens 
are exposed to fraud, hoax security products and identity theft.

If you are living outside Germany and want to take over the development 
of the THC tools please contact us at members at thc dot org.

THC is now hosted on two servers: is the server 
of the international members. is the server of 
the German members who devote their time spinning their thumbs.

Yours faithful,

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