Recent Outages Point to a Sketchy Internet Services Future

Recent Outages Point to a Sketchy Internet Services Future
Recent Outages Point to a Sketchy Internet Services Future

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IN FOCUS: Recent Outages Point to a Sketchy Internet Services Future

   - Teen's Hardware Crack Liberates iPhone
   - Hackers Team to Donate Technology to Charities
   - 8 More Absolutely Cool, Totally Free Utilities
   - Recent Security Vulnerabilities

   - Security Matters Blog: When Is a "Rootkit" Not a Rootkit?
   - FAQ: Installing Kernel-Mode Printer Drivers
   - From the Forum: Tools to Audit Web Site Access Histories
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   - Give Data Owners Control over Data Access
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=== IN FOCUS: Recent Outages Point to a Sketchy Internet Services 
Future =========================================================   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

An interesting series of events took place over the past several weeks 
that should be noted because of the events' similarities, relative 
closeness in time to each other, and implications for the future. 

The least important of the events happened in early August. Google 
somehow mistakenly identified one of its own blogs as spam and deleted 
it. The blog was related to Google's custom search engine technology, 
and although deleting the blog didn't have a huge impact on customers, 
it did come as a surprise that a major technology company--one that 
considers itself to be on the extreme cutting edge--managed to make 
such a mistake. Obviously, some of Google's technology is flawed and 
fortunately it wasn't a heavily relied upon aspect of the company's 
technology that suffered in this incident. 

At roughly the same time, Cisco Systems made its entire Web site 
unavailable through hardware failure. According to the company's blog, 
"The issue occurred during preventative maintenance of one of our data 
centers when a human error caused an electrical overload on the 
systems. This caused and other applications to go down. 
Because of the severity of the overload, the redundancy measures in 
some of the applications and power systems were impacted as well, 
though the system did shut down as designed to protect the people and 
the equipment. As a result, no data were lost and no one was injured. 
Cisco has plans already in process to add additional redundancies to 
increase the resilience of these systems." 

Cisco's site failure was indeed a serious problem. Imagine the 
worldwide impact if that outage had occurred while customers were 
trying to download a recently released security patch for a 
vulnerability that was being actively exploited. 

Next on the list is Skype, which managed to take down its entire 
worldwide peer-to-peer network last month. Because of flaws in its 
"supernode" software design, the company essentially created a 
situation in which a Denial of Service (DoS) attack became possible 
simply because many people were rebooting their computers at about the 
same time. As a result, Skype's VoIP network--which the company would 
surely like the majority of us to depend on for day-to-day voice 
communication--became useless for three days. 

Yet another outage occurred when an Internet backbone cable was cut. 
The cut cable took down major portions of networks operated by Level 3, 
Cogent, and TeliaSonera, all of which provide Internet connectivity to 
many endpoints. When the cut cable was discovered, repair crews 
inadvertently repaired the damaged cable with another damaged cable and 
didn't discover the damage to the second cable until after the repair 
didn't work. As a result, the outage lasted far longer than it should 
have. Meanwhile, Internet connectivity for many entities was 
nonexistent. This particular incident wasn't any one company's fault; 
however it's noteworthy as yet another outage with considerable impact. 

If those events weren't strangely coincidental enough already, there's 
more. Microsoft recently made mistakes that rendered a large number of 
people's Windows systems nearly useless. According to Microsoft (at the 
URL below), "preproduction code was accidentally sent to production 
servers" and the code just happened to handle the company's Windows 
Genuine Advantage (WGA) technology. The overall effect was that for a 
short period of time, the affected Windows systems could not be 
activated, and for a long period of time (nearly 20 hours), Windows 
systems could not be validated. 

Think of the implications of these incidents, and ask yourself, "How 
secure is my enterprise if it relies increasingly on software as a 
service?" For John Dvorak's take on this issue, see "Don't Trust the 
Servers" at the following URL. 

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Teen's Hardware Crack Liberates iPhone
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Hackers Team to Donate Technology to Charities
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SECURITY MATTERS BLOG: When Is a "Rootkit" Not a Rootkit?
by Mark Joseph Edwards, 
   I think every security administrator will agree that a rootkit is 
actually a program that grants an unauthorized user access to a
system--typically administrator- or root-level access. A directory or 
file hidden on a system does not constitute a rootkit. 

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FROM THE FORUM: Tools to Audit Web Site Access Histories
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