IT security forum to target small businesses

IT security forum to target small businesses
IT security forum to target small businesses 

By Lawrence Casiraya

MANILA, Philippines -- The Information Systems Security Society of the 
Philippines (ISSSP) is set to hold its annual IT security forum hoping 
to raise more awareness this time among smaller companies.

Carrying the title "ManilaCon2K7: World at Risk", the yearly forum seeks 
to become a venue for local companies to become update with the latest 
trends and products in IT security.

Cynthia Mamon, current ISSSP chair and president of Sun Microsystems 
Philippines, said the yearly forum -- which falls on the date of the 
historic 9/11 attacks in the US -- is not veering away from its original 
intent which is to instill awareness among companies.

As more companies begin using the Internet as a business tool, ISSSP 
wants to educate smaller end-users on IT security.

Analysts like IDC have projected growth in security spending among 
businesses, leading to a convergence of different solutions. Globally, 
IDC estimates total market spending on security alone at $940 million.

"Those connected to the Internet should be fully aware of their 
responsibilities when it comes to security since any breach by one 
member of the community can provide a real threat," Mamon said in a 

The two-day conference, scheduled September 11 and 12 at the 
Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City, will exhibit security solutions 
from vendors like Secure Computing, Oracle Corp. and Computer 

The conference is being organized by ISSSP in cooperation with the 
Commission on Information and Communications Technology and the National 
Computer Center.

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