P2P data leak hits ABN Amro

P2P data leak hits ABN Amro
P2P data leak hits ABN Amro 

By Shaun Nichols 
24 Sep 2007

Data on more than 5,000 ABN Amro customers has reportedly been found on 
the BearShare peer-to-peer network.

According to media reports, the compromised data had been stored on 
three spreadsheet files which contained personal information on more 
than 5,000 customers, including Social Security numbers.

The files were traced to a home computer in Florida reportedly owned by 
a former ABN Amro employee.

P2P systems have become increasingly dangerous for enterprises. The 
file-sharing services are part of a group of applications commonly 
referred to as 'greynets'.

Data from greynet traffic can often bypass systems that monitor internet 
traffic because they do not use normal web page or email protocols.

A Seattle man was arrested earlier this month for using P2P clients to 
steal data from the machines of other users.

In July, a Japanese police officer lost his job after inadvertently 
allowing more than 6,600 police files to be leaked onto a P2P network.

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