ClubHack: India's Own International Hackers Convention

ClubHack: India's Own International Hackers Convention
ClubHack: India's Own International Hackers Convention

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For years, the hacking community in India has felt the need for a 
hacking convention on the lines of BlackHat, Defcon, "Hack in the box", 
etc. ClubHack answers that need. We introduced the practice of annually 
hosting a Hackers' Convention. The convention will be a meeting ground 
for hackers, security professionals, law enforcement agencies and all 
other security enthusiasts. And will set out a forum to share & discuss 
the nuances of hacking.

The event "ClubHack2007" will feature extensive knowledge sharing, Q&A 
sessions by experts and powerful live demonstrations of latest attacks, 
exploits and countermeasures.

The organizing team of ClubHack consists of security professionals, 
hackers, cyber lawyers, administrators & law enforcement professionals. 
It has teamed up to contribute to the information security world.

Living in free software & open source era ClubHack invites geeks from 
all over the world to come and share their knowledge with the like 
minded crowd.

Target audience of the event includes CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, 
SysAdmins, Hackers, Coders, Researchers, Cryptanalysts, Security 
Professionals and enthusiasts.

Entry to the Convention is free of cost but, by invitation only. 
To get your invitation kit, visit 

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