Absolute Poker Audit on the Horizon as Pressure Mounts

Absolute Poker Audit on the Horizon as Pressure Mounts
Absolute Poker Audit on the Horizon as Pressure Mounts

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By Alejandro Botticelli 
October 18, 2007

Absolute Poker has come under allegations of cheating from individuals 
within the online poker community and it is prepared to clear its name, 
according to a report filed by

Auditing firm, Gaming Associates, confirmed to 4Flush that they are in 
communication with Absolute Poker regarding discussion of an audit 
relating to Absolute Poker. The audit is independent of Absolute Poker, 
and not paid for by Absolute.

Alan Pedley of Gaming Access said today =E2=80=9CIf we are commissioned to 
undertake any audit then it will be for and on behalf of the regulatory 
authority and we will invoice the regulatory authority accordingly. 
Gaming Associates will not receive any payment whatsoever from the 
auditee - this is a standard procedure practiced by our clients 
(regulatory authorities) worldwide.=E2=80=9D

Bloggers on online poker forums have pointed out irregular play from 
hand histories that make it appear that a player with the handle 
"POTRIPPER" seemed to know other players' hole cards. has come under increasing pressure to remove Absolute 
Poker as a sponsor as a result of these allegations.

"While things looked awfully suspicious, there wasn=E2=80=99t quite a smoking 
gun, and it was unclear exactly how the cheater might have cheated," 
wrote Steven D. Levitt in his New York Times opinion piece [1].

Quite by accident, he goes on to explain, "One of the players who=E2=80=99d been 
cheated requested that Absolute Poker provide hand histories from the 
tournament (which is standard practice for online sites). In this case, 
Absolute Poker =E2=80=9Caccidentally=E2=80=9D did not send the usual hand histories, but 
instead sent a file that contained all sorts of private information that 
the poker site would never release.

"The file contained every player=E2=80=99s hole cards, observations of the 
tables, and even the IP addresses of every person playing. (I put 
=E2=80=9Caccidentally=E2=80=9D in quotes because the mistake seems like too great a 
coincidence when you learn what followed.) I suspect that someone at 
Absolute knew about the cheating and how it happened, and was acting as 
a whistleblower by sending these data. If that is the case, I hope 
whomever =E2=80=9Caccidentally=E2=80=9D sent the file gets their proper hero=E2=80=99s welcome 
in the end."

To make a long story short, one of the suspected cheaters was traced to 
an IP address that just happened to match that of the Absolute Poker 
server and an individual that some say is a part owner in Absolute.

Absolute Poker has several partners and it will be up to them to 
determine what actions are taken, if any, to eliminate a "bad seed".  
"Rogue partners" in the online gambling spectrum is far from a new 
phenomenon. has long suffered under the ills of 
"mismanagement" up until approximately two years ago.  BetonSports would 
later fall into the same trap after its founder, Gary Kaplan, became 
more removed from the every day operations.  He was known to have run a 
very tight ship.  When the company was forced closed by the US 
government, a number of the executives were caught with their hands in 
the cookie jar, so to speak.

"These allegations come as quite a shock considering Absolute Poker 
seems on the surface to be very well run and professional," commented Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien Wednesday night.  She 
admitted that was in the process of renegotiating its ad 
contract with Absolute and that all talks would be called off until 
later this month.

"We are confident that this issue will be resolved to everyone's 
satisfaction but only time will tell and we will make a determination 
after this audit," she added.  " can ill-afford to have 
its name dragged through the mud should an independent audit reveal some 
type of monkey business."

The Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet sponsorship package is among the most 
lucrative on the website, O'Brien admits.  But even more 
importantly perhaps, has become one of Absolute Poker's 
biggest advertising vehicle.

Ms. O'Brien, who manages the website, had not yet 
arrived at a decision to dismantle the Absolute Poker banners and logos.

"We were in the process of scheduling an urgent conference call for 
Thursday in an effort to gain reassurance that Absolute management is 
doing the right thing," O'Brien said.  "In the end, we will do what is 
best for our readers and the online poker community as a whole."

Concerns continued to mount late Wednesday after Absolute Poker's 
licensing regulators announced they will begin their own investigation 
into this matter.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada says it has begun a probe into 
widespread allegations of cheating, utilizing the services of Gaming 

Gambling Associate audits and certifications are conducted by a team 
comprising: CISSP, CISA, CISM and ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor trained 
personnel and where necessary a PhD in Mathematics. Gambling Associates 
is an ISO 9001 certified company, that is recognized by authorities in 
Alderney, Alexander First Nation; Antigua & Barbuda; Gibraltar; Mohawk 
Territory of Kahnaw=C3=A1:ke; Malta; Norfolk Island; Northern Territory of 
Australia; The Philippines; the United Kingdom; and Vanuatu - worldwide 

The Kahnawake commission, which has gained a reputation for being more 
involved in policy and standards enforcement over the past couple of 
years, says Absolute holds a gambling license with the commission and is 
obliged to adhere to its regulations.

It is unclear whether similar allegations are being made against 
Ultimate Bet, an Absolute Poker sister site.


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