CarolinaCon 2008 - Call for Speakers / Papers

CarolinaCon 2008 - Call for Speakers / Papers
CarolinaCon 2008 - Call for Speakers / Papers

Forwarded from: Vic Vandal 

InfoSec professionals, h4x0rs, script kidz, g33kz, posers, and 
government spies:

"CarolinaCon" is coming back yet again! Yes, for about the price of your 
average movie admission with popcorn and a drink, YOU are invited to 
join us for yet another intimate and informative weekend of technology 

[What is this "CarolinaCon"?] 
CarolinaCon is an annual Technology Conference whose mission/purpose is 

- enhance local and global awareness of current technology issues and 
- provide affordable technology education sessions to the unwashed 
- deliver varied/informative/interesting presentations on a wide variety 
  of InfoSec/hacking/technology/science topics, and
- mix in enough entertainment and side contests/challenges to make for a 
  truly fun event

[When/Where is CarolinaCon?] 
This year's event will be held on the weekend of March 28th-30th, 2008. 
The event will .mostly. occur at the Holiday Inn in Chapel Hill, NC. 
Chapel Hill is about 30 minutes from Raleigh, Durham, and Research 
Triangle Park.

[Who develops/delivers CarolinaCon?]
CarolinaCon is proudly brought to you by "The CarolinaCon Group". The 
CarolinaCon Group is a non-profit organization registered in the state 
of NC, dedicated to educating the local and global communities about 
technology, information/network/computer security, and information 
rights. The CarolinaCon Group is also closely associated with various 
"2600" chapters across NC, SC, TN, VA, LA, DC, and NY. Many of the 
volunteers who help develop and deliver CarolinaCon come from those 

[What events will be at CarolinaCon?]
CarolinaCon is mainly about the talks (presentations/demos). Alongside 
of those we'll surely have several other technology-related 
contests/challenges, as we've had in past years. Details on those will 
be announced soon.

[Who will be presenting which topics this year?]
That's where YOU possibly come in. If you are somewhat knowledgeable in 
some interesting field of technology, hacking, science, etc., and are 
interested in speaking/presenting at CarolinaCon, we invite you to 
submit your proposal (in brief) for our review. If you're interested in 
presenting please send;
- your name or handle,
- the topic/presentation name,
- estimated time-length of presentation
- brief topic abstract
....via e-mail to:

*NOTE: All submissions are due BY mid-January 2008! Unfortunately last 
year we had more submissions than time-slots and "first come first 
affirmed", so be timely in submission if you're committed to being part 
of the elite cadre of presenters.

Also unfortunate, as a non-profit dedicated to affordable education 
we've made "less than $100 total profit" each of the past years and 
can't afford to pay anyone to speak nor cover any related expenses 
(sorry). However if you do speak at the Con, you will receive;
- free Con admission,
- a free Con t-shirt,
- an invitation to our soiree during the conference,
- minimal fame and glory
- mad props from staff and attendees

We value diversity, so please don't hesitate to propose your ideas no 
matter how outlandish.

[I'm excited! What do I do now?]
If you're interested in speaking, send the 411 requested to:
(BY/BEFORE January 15th 2008)

And if you're interested in attending (or checking out past Con
topics/agendas), watch this space for more details: 
...and don't forget to mark the dates on your calendar!


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