In Memoriam: Jun-ichiro Hagino

In Memoriam: Jun-ichiro Hagino
In Memoriam: Jun-ichiro Hagino

Forwarded from: Dragos Ruiu 

With great sadness, I regret to inform you that Itojun will not be 
presenting his great knowledge of IPv6 at PacSec.  I have been informed 
by several sources that he passed away yesterday.

Funeral services will be held on Nov 7th at Rinkai-Saijo in Tokyo. There 
aren't many details of his passing, so please let his family and 
relatives mourn in peace for now.  My heartfelt condolances go out to 
them, and all of his many friends.

I knew Itojun as one of the smartest and kindest persons I have ever 
met. He helped everyone around him. He graciously hosted and assisted 
many foreigners new to Japan at the PacSec conferences, and was a good 
friend to all. He would go to extraordinary lengths to help anyone 
around him. We will all miss him - and his work on IPv6 will continue to 
help us for a long time..

He once said to me, "When a professional race car driver races, his 
pulse gets lower and he relaxes. When I code it is the same thing." I'll 
miss him driving around in his prized Fiat 500... and I hope we can all 
proceed to help fix our V6 networks without his gentle, brilliant, and 
insistent coaching...

If you knew or respected him, he would have wanted any energy you put 
towards grief to be spent on speeding the adoption and the robustness of 
the version 6 internet to which he devoted so much of his extraordinary 
life to.

Some more information in Japanese at 

May he rest in peace,

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