Secret Postman

Secret Postman
Secret Postman 

By David Taylor
Oct 28 2007

Exclusive - We Expose Royal Mail Security Shambles Our Man Handles Your 
Letters Unchecked

DISASTROUS security lapses at the heart of the Royal Mail are today 
revealed in a shock Sunday Mail investigation.

Our reporter strolled into Scotland's biggest sorting office and landed 
a job by simply saying he was agency staff.

Incredibly, he spent an hour-and-a-half handling thousands of letters 
and parcels - some with credit cards, voter registration documents and 
sensitive NHS letters.

No one asked him for ID, no one vetted him, no one asked if he had any 
experience - and his health and safety training lasted seven seconds.

Communications Workers Union boss John Brown said the breach showed the 
Royal Mail had "lost the plot" after the postal strikes.

We tested out the Mail Centre at Springburn, Glasgow, after one 
whistleblower claimed security was so lax that anyone could walk in 

He said the depot was in chaos after taking on 50 casuals to deal with a 
backlog of 150,000 letters.

Our man arrived at the depot security gates at 6.55am on Friday. The 
only thing he was asked for was his name.

For his health and safety briefing, he was shown where the fire door was 
and told: "Be careful you don't get trampled by me on your way out if 
there is a fire."

And he was handed a Royal Mail high-visibility vest and told by his 
supervisor: "Stand there and look like you know what you're doing."

Within minutes, he was set to work sorting mail in the giant aircraft 
hangar-style building.

In envelopes, he could feel what were unmistakably credit or bank cards.

He finally left after 90 minutes - and no one asked where he was going. 
He could easily have stolen credit cards or letters.

Union chief Brown said: "Everything the management touch turns to mud. 
They have lost the plot. We are seriously concerned for the safety of 
members, given the terrorism threat.

"It wouldn't surprise me if you could do the same in units across the 

Watchdogs Postwatch will be demanding an explanation.

They said: "It's appalling - there could have been credit cards and 
cheque books stolen."

Royal Mail said: "All our people are supposed to be vetted by the 
agencies we use and we will be having an investigation.

"Security is of the utmost importance to us."

The main companies who supply workers to Royal Mail are Manpower UK and 
Reed recruitment.

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