eBay to host 'Red Team' security conference

eBay to host 'Red Team' security conference
eBay to host 'Red Team' security conference 

By Robert McMillan
IDG News Service
November 15, 2007

eBay plans to host its own security conference next February, called 
"Red Team eBay."

The conference will be held on eBay's campus in San Jose, Calif., and 
will take a cue from Microsoft's Blue Hat event, said eBay Chief 
Information Security Officer Dave Cullinane. It will be invitation-only, 
where security team members can meet and exchange ideas with industry 
experts. But unlike Blue Hat, the conference will be open to attendees 
from other companies.

In fact, this will be the second Red Team conference hosted by eBay. 
Earlier this year eBay quietly held its first Red Team conference, 
drawing participants from about 100 companies, Cullinane said. "This 
time I may make it a little smaller," he said Wednesday in an interview 
at the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) AppSec 2007. "It 
was literally 90 percent of Silicon Valley and most of the banks."

eBay is also playing host to the AppSec conference, which is been held 
at the company's San Jose headquarters this week.

The e-commerce giant has developed its own in-house anti-virus system, 
called AVS (Anti-Virus Scrubber), but Cullinane believes that it may 
make more sense to work more closely with other security companies in 
order to develop ways to solve common security problems.

Microsoft began its twice-yearly Blue Hat conferences in 2005, and the 
events have become a popular way for company employees to get up to date 
on the latest security threats.

The most recent Blue Hat was held in September.

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