Security central to Parliament WiFi

Security central to Parliament WiFi
Security central to Parliament WiFi,24897,22840792-15306,00.html 

By Cameron Stewart
November 29, 2007

A new wireless internet system in Canberra's Parliament House will need 
to be bulletproof from attacks by cyber hackers, according to the senior 
public servant responsible for the building.

Department of Parliamentary Services secretary Hillary Penfold told The 
Australian last night the new system would "take into account security 
issues" and she admitted it would be of interest to unauthorised users.

However, she said it was a beat-up to suggest the decision to involve 
the country's most secretive spy agency to provide guidance was an 
indication of more serious security concerns.

The Australian yesterday reported that the Defence Signals Directorate 
would oversee security for the proposed new wireless internet system at 
Parliament House to ensure that unauthorised users, including foreign 
government hackers, could not exploit the system.

The move comes only months after China was reported to have tried to 
hack into highly classified government computer networks in Australia as 
part of a broader international operation to glean military secrets from 
Western nations.

The Department of Parliamentary Services is conducting a feasibility 
study for a plan to provide wireless internet access throughout 
Parliament House.

This would allow parliamentarians and staffers to send emails on laptops 
anywhere within Parliament House, including the Senate and House of 
Representative chambers.

As part of its study, DPS has requested "guidance" from DSD in relation 
to its plans for the new system, which will be available only to 
authorised users inside Parliament House.

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