US helps enhance cops skills vs cyber-terrorism

US helps enhance cops skills vs cyber-terrorism
US helps enhance cops skills vs cyber-terrorism 

The Philippine Star

DAVAO CITY - The United States is helping enhance the capabilities of 
policemen in Southern Mindanao in the fight against cyber-terrorism, 
which has been widely used by terrorists in their operations.

Chief Superintendent Andres Caro II, Southern Mindanao regional police 
director, said the US State Departments Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) 
program has jointly developed with the Anti-Terrorism Office of the 
Philippine Public Safety College a training course for local policemen 
that would improve their skills in resolving incidents related to acts 
of cyber-terrorism.

Since its inception in 1983, the US State Departments ATA program has 
reportedly trained over 50,000 foreign police and security forces from 
over 141 countries to combat, deter and solve terrorist crimes in their 
respective countries.

Caro told The STAR that at least 40 police officers from the different 
city and provincial police units in Southern Mindanao are completing 
tomorrow their five-day training course under the ATA program.

The course gave the police officers an overview of the process of 
securing a terrorism-related crime scene that may involve the seizure of 
electronic or digital evidence.

Caro said the "cyber crime incident response course" is relevant since 
terrorist groups have gone online to communicate with each other, spread 
propaganda, recruit new members, secure financial support, and issue 

Edward Schlachter, manager of the US Embassys ATA program, said the 
training puts an emphasis on proper evidence collection techniques and 
other basic investigative and documentation activities, including 
properly shutting down systems and identifying the many types of media 
that may contain evidence.

"The training and skills you will gain here will help you follow proper 
evidence procedures to ensure that criminals who utilize computers and 
digital devices are prosecuted to the full extent of the law," 
Schlachter told the over 40 participants in the five-day cyber crime 
incident response course.

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