Most in military believe a war with China will come

Most in military believe a war with China will come
Most in military believe a war with China will come

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POLL:  Lieutenant General Chen Kuo-hsiang said that the questionnaire 
was given to 3,010 soldiers who took part in an exercise after an 
`intensive mental training course'

By Jimmy Chuang
Dec 13, 2007

More than 50 percent of military personnel believe there is going to be 
war between Taiwan and China -- numbers the Ministry of National 
Defense's General Political Warfare Bureau said yesterday were a good 

"It shows that most of our personnel have not forgotten they face an 
enemy that needs to be dealt with. They would be ready for combat on the 
shortest possible notice," said Lieutenant General Chen Kuo-hsiang 
(=E9=99=B3=E5=9C=8B=E7=A5=A5), director-general of the bureau.

Chen made his remarks during a meeting at the legislature's National 
Defense Committee yesterday morning.

Unveiling the results of a survey conducted earlier this year, the 
bureau said that 50.3 percent of military personnel who participated in 
the annual Han Kuang military exercise believed there will be a war 
between Taiwan and China sometime in the near future.

Chen said the questionnaire was given to 3,010 soldiers who participated 
in the exercise following an "intensive mental training course."

He refused to give any details about the course.

"I can only say that based on the results, we have achieved what we set 
out to do," Chen said.

"Reminding our soldiers of the existing threat and making sure 
everything is on track is in line with our goals. Obviously, the 
exercise and training were a success," he said.

In addition to believing that war was imminent, 85.6 percent of 
respondents said they were always conscious of the possibility of 
information leaks or Chinese espionage occurring while they were on 

Chen said the course was designed to help soldiers realize that Beijing 
is relentless in its military threat against Taiwan.

"In addition to the constant reminder, the results also showed that 85.7 
percent of our military personnel would do whatever it takes to perform 
their jobs under any circumstances," Chen said.

This is a good sign," he said.

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