'Sensitive' security data is lost

'Sensitive' security data is lost
'Sensitive' security data is lost 

By James Kirkup
The Telegraph

Electronic details of the new security system protecting Parliament have 
been lost, sparking a Commons security alert.

The Daily Telegraph understands that a laptop containing sensitive 
information about the new Westminster access system disappeared last 
Wednesday night.

The computer belonged to a senior parliamentary official believed to 
work in the Serjeant at Arms department responsible for the security of 
MPs and the Palace of Westminster.

Compounding the embarrassment of the security officials, the laptop is 
said to have been stolen within the parliamentary estate.

"It is password protected, but there is stuff on there about access 
control, so it is sensitive," said a parliamentary official. "It is not 
the sort of stuff you want floating around out there."

A spokesman for the House of Commons declined to comment on the missing 
laptop, insisting that the parliamentary authorities never discussed 
security issues.

Security at Parliament has been radically stepped up since two groups - 
Fathers 4 Justice and pro-hunting campaigners - breached Commons 
security in 2004.

Security officials say the greatest fears surround the possibility that 
terrorists could obtain a Westminster security pass and gain access to 
some of the most sensitive locations in the UK.

 From the New Year, a new, enhanced security pass system is being 
introduced that is meant to render a stolen pass useless.

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