Tiger Team brings haxploitation to TV

Tiger Team brings haxploitation to TV
Tiger Team brings haxploitation to TV 

By John Leyden
The Register 
19th December 2007

The haxploitation genre is coming to the small screen with a forthcoming 
series about a team of penetration testers.

Tiger Team follows a group of elite freelance security consultants hired 
to test organisations' security by using social engineering, hacking, 
and physically defeating security mechanisms. So we expect to see our 
heroes picking locks and going through the trash to get clues all the 
while maintaining an uneasy relationship with their clients and law 
enforcement officials.

The plot elements have appeared before in films such as Sneakers [1], 
starring Robert Redford. It's hard to see how a story arc strong enough 
to sustain interest over the course of a TV series can be sustained from 
these elements.

The first programme [2] is due to screen at 11pm on Christmas Day on 
CourtTV, which is hardly a recipe for a large audience. On the plus 
side, those watching will be probably too sozzled to notice any plot 
holes or technical errors.

A radio interview with the stars of the show - Ryan Jones and Chris 
Nickerson - by a Denver station can be found here [3].


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