Alleged Wesselman's scammer indicted

Alleged Wesselman's scammer indicted
Alleged Wesselman's scammer indicted 

By Gavin Lesnick
Evansville Courier & Press
December 19, 2007

A Seattle woman will face federal charges for allegedly defrauding 
Wesselman's grocery stores of thousands of dollars.

Carima Jansen was indicted by a federal grand jury in Indianapolis for 
the charges, which were investigated by the Federal Bureau of 

According to a press release issued this morning, the indictment alleges 
that the crime began when Wesselman's computer system was compromised in 
Evansville by a program that allowed perpetrators to obtain the user ID 
and password for the chain's bank account. The program infiltrated the 
system through a fraudulent e-mail that was purportedly sent by the 
Better Business Bureau, the release said.

Jansen allegedly opened a bank account with a counterfeit passport and 
then used the information from the program to transfer funds from 
Wesselman's acount to her own. The release said she transferred $14,672 
into the account and then withdrew nearly all of the stolen money in 

Jansen faces a maximum possible prison sentence of 10 years and a 
maximum possible fine of $250,000. An initial hearing will be scheduled 
before a U.S. Magistrate Judge in Evansville Jansen is brought to 
Indiana by the United States Marshal. She is currently in custody in 

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