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More 'Cloned' Vehicles Shows Threat Remains

More 'Cloned' Vehicles Shows Threat Remains
More 'Cloned' Vehicles Shows Threat Remains

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By Anthony L. Kimery
16 August 2008 

In the trunk of the fake utility company's car was hundreds of pounds of 

This past Tuesday, alert US Border Patrol agents pulled over a 
suspicious white Ford Taurus bearing the logo of San Diego Gas & 
Electric (SDG&E) company on its doors near the border town of Campo, 

What raised the agents' suspicions is SDG&E vehicles typically 
encountered in the outback around this community of 3,200 are trucks.

Radioing in for a verification of the car's tag, the vigilent Border 
Patrol agents learned that the car=E2=80=99s license plate was registered to a 
Chevy Cavalier.

With something clearly untoward, the Border Patrol agents dutifully 
attempted to get the driver to pull over. But instead of complying, she 
made a swift U-turn back toward the border, apparently lost control and 

The woman exited the Taurus and made a dash for Mexico. The Border 
Patrol agents though were able to catch her before she made it to the 
border. In the trunk of the car they found more than 200 pounds of 

The two Border Patrol agents didn't just get a lucky break. Border 
Patrol agents are actually routinely on the lookout for vehicles bearing 
what look like official company logos and other ostensibly legitimate 
identification markings.

The reason? Drug and human smugglers trying to cross the border from 
Mexico increasingly have resorted to using what the Border Patrol and 
law enforcement refer to as =E2=80=9Ccloned=E2=80=9D vehicles to conceal their illegal 
operations. Some of these fake vehicles have actually been disguised as 
federal vehicles, like vehicles belonging to the US Border Patrol, FEMA, 
and the National Security Agency.


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