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Canada probes security breach

Canada probes security breach
Canada probes security breach 

By Dan Karpenchuk in Toronto
Aug 16, 2008

Canada is again facing an embarrassing security breach after a sensitive 
government document was found on a rainy Ottawa street.

The document, made up of 131 pages, was found on a rain-soaked street in 
a brown envelope.

It was titled Nemesis - a classified database used by officers to track 
and prosecute polluters and environmental law breakers.

It detailed a number of the system's failings and even described how the 
data could be attacked by industrial hackers, environmental activists or 
organised crime.

If someone were able to shut down or corrupt the system, officers might 
not be able to prosecute cases.

A spokesman for Environment Canada would not give details about how the 
documents ended up on the street, but said the department will look into 
the matter.

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