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Thousands of cyber attacks each day on key utilities

Thousands of cyber attacks each day on key utilities
Thousands of cyber attacks each day on key utilities

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By Jonathan Richards 
The Times
August 23, 2008

Computer networks controlling electricity supplies, telecommunications 
and banking are being attacked thousands of times a day in a new 
cyberwar against Britain waged by criminals and terrorists =E2=80=94 some of 
them backed by foreign states =E2=80=94 the Government has said.

Lord West of Spithead, the Security Minister, told The Times that a 
mixture of state-sponsored individuals =E2=80=9Cand those operating at a 
terrorist level=E2=80=9D frequently tried to break into the key networks.

Intelligence organisations such as MI5 have given warning of the threat 
of state-sponsored =E2=80=9Ccyber-espionage=E2=80=9D from countries such as Russia and 
China, but this is thought to be the first time that the Government has 
quantified the extent of the threat to the nation=E2=80=99s networks, furthering 
the prospect of more widespread computer-based =E2=80=9Cwarfare=E2=80=9D.

=E2=80=9CIf you take the whole gamut of threats, from state-sponsored 
organisations to industrial espionage, private individuals and 
malcontents, you=E2=80=99re talking about a remarkable number of attempted 
attacks on our system - I=E2=80=99d say in the thousands,=E2=80=9D Lord West said. =E2=80=9CSome 
are spotted instantly - Others are much, much cleverer.=E2=80=9D


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