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Virus Infects Space Station Laptops (Again)

Virus Infects Space Station Laptops (Again)
Virus Infects Space Station Laptops (Again) 

By Ryan Singel 
Threat Level
August 26, 2008 

Viruses intended to steal passwords and send them to a remote server 
infected laptops in the International Space Station in July, NASA 
confirmed Tuesday.

And according to NASA, this wasn't the first infection.

"This is not the first time we have had a worm or a virus," NASA 
spokesman Kelly Humphries said. "It's not a frequent occurrence, but 
this isn't the first time."

That suggests that even in the future where space travel becomes an 
experience to complain about, rather than get dressed up for, computer 
viruses will still be tagging along uninvited.

NASA downplayed the news, calling the virus mainly a "nuisance" that was 
on non-critical space station laptops used for things like e-mail and 
nutritional experiments.


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