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Army seeks information on protecting data

Army seeks information on protecting data
Army seeks information on protecting data 

By Doug Beizer
August 28, 2008

Army officials want to find out what procedures and techniques industry 
uses to protect sensitive data that resides on computers and other 

A request for information about industry information assurance programs 
was issued Aug. 27 by the Program Executive Office for Enterprise 
Information Systems and the Assistant Secretary of the Army for 
Acquisition, Logistics and Technology.

Army officials hope to use the information to put language about data 
security in future acquisitions The service's Army officials want to 
know how digital data controlled by contractors is identified, marked 
and protected from unauthorized access and release. They also want to 
know how contractors handle encrypted data residing on servers, mobile 
devices and portable storage media, the service said.

Those interested in responding to the request must submit a white paper 
that describes information assurance program plans, or similar plans, 
that are in place to control unclassified data. The submission also 
should include a description of non-technical policies and practices 
that are used to protect data.

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