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Data watchdogs did not want to see eBay bank server

Data watchdogs did not want to see eBay bank server
Data watchdogs did not want to see eBay bank server 

By John Oates
The Register
28th August 2008

The man who paid 35UKP for a server stuffed full of Royal Bank of 
Scotland and NatWest customer details has been left less than impressed 
with the reaction of UK data regulators.

Andrew Chapman's story hit the news after he bought a server on eBay 
which contained over a million customer details including full account 
details, mothers' maiden names, addresses and even scans of signatures. 
But neither the Financial Services Authority nor the Information 
Commissioner's Office contacted Chapman when he went public with what he 
found inside the machine.

Chapman said he phoned the Information Commissioner Office's head of 
investigations and offered him the machine. Instead he was told to 
return it to Graphic Data.

Chapman, an IT manager from Oxford, told the Reg: "I don't really see 
how either the FSA or ICO can ascertain what happened by relying on 
Graphic Data. It is a nonsense to ask companies to self-report." He said 
he was told the ICO had no power to seize equipment - although that 
clearly would not have been necessary in this case.


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