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Teen wouldn't quit his hacking ways, FBI says

Teen wouldn't quit his hacking ways, FBI says
Teen wouldn't quit his hacking ways, FBI says

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The Dallas Morning News
August 31, 2008

Two years ago, Matthew Weigman and his mother sat down with an FBI 
agent, and he was offered a second chance.

The 16-year-old had a reputation in hacker circles as one of the best 
around. His specialty was the phone system, and he was known for conning 
telecom employees into believing he was a colleague to gain access to 
unlisted numbers, the ability to shut off a rival's service or listen in 
on others' calls.

But the FBI agent who flew to his East Boston home offered him a deal. 
The blind teenager's name had surfaced in a nationwide investigation of 
a group of "SWATers" =E2=80=93 people who manipulate the phone system to get 
police sent to fake hostage standoffs.

Dallas and Fort Worth were among the five dozen cities affected. In some 
cities, people were injured when police stormed their homes thinking a 
hostage situation existed.

Mr. Weigman was too young to be charged, so the agent made him an 

But, authorities say, he blew it.


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