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Love of Cats Was Six Flags Hacker's Downfall

Love of Cats Was Six Flags Hacker's Downfall
Love of Cats Was Six Flags Hacker's Downfall 

By David Kravets 
Threat Level
September 02, 2008 

A San Francisco hacker faces up to 10 years imprisonment for intruding 
into the computers of theme park giant Six Flags, posting a message of 
love for his girlfriend and inundating the company with bot-produced job 
applications reading "THIS SITE WAS HACKED."

Over a five-day period in 2004, Mark Kahn, 27, left messages in the 
amusement park company's network to his girlfriend: "I Love you, Laura," 
the authorities said.

The IP address from where the hacking originated were traced to web 
sites used by Kahn, including his personal web site where he posted 
blogs, pictures of his girlfriend Laura and pictures of cats, according 
to South Carolina U.S. Attorney W. Walter Wilkins, South Carolina's U.S. 

One picture of a cat helped the authorities nab Kahn, who pleaded (.pdf) 
[1] guilty last week to one count of hacking (.pdf) [2]. Authorities 
enlarged one picture with a cat on a keyboard and saw a web address to a 
site in which the hacker described the intrusion.



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