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'Lack of Cyber laws makes it impossible to fight Net crimes'

'Lack of Cyber laws makes it impossible to fight Net crimes'
'Lack of Cyber laws makes it impossible to fight Net crimes'

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By Francis A. Clifford Cardozo
Arab Times Staff
September 04, 2008 

KUWAIT CITY - Internet-related crimes are on the rise in Kuwait and the 
lack of Cyber laws makes it impossible to tackle such fraudulent 
practices, says a Kuwaiti lawyer. Speaking to the Arab Times on 
Wednesday, Labeed Abdal added that hackers are increasingly targeting 
Kuwait and many other countries, knowing full well that they can get 
away with their crimes. He went on to explain that some people send 
abusive emails to settle personal scores and that the law enforcement 
agencies are unable to act on such matters due to non-existence of Cyber 
laws, =E2=80=9Cwhich must be in tune with the latest changes in the Internet 

Citing an example, he said, recently a woman approached a police station 
to file complaint with regards to a derogatory email but the police 
refused to entertain her complaint. =E2=80=9CIn such a scenario, we cannot blame 
the security authorities. There is an exigent need to establish what can 
be called as Cyber Police which will enable to monitor online 
activities, besides tracking down the source of abusive emails. In other 
words, the police will only register a complaint provided a person 
admits to his or her crime, thereby referring the case to prosecution.=E2=80=9D


=E2=80=9CSupposing a person refuses to confess to his crime, then it becomes 
impossible for the authorities to register a complaint for the simple 
reason that they do not posses the required know-how and equipment to 
track down the source of an email, especially if the sender uses only 
his initials or if the mail is anonymous,=E2=80=9D he added. Asked to comment on 
the decision of some prosecutors to draft a law with regards to Internet 
crimes, Abdal said he was unable to comment on the issue as he was yet 
to see the contents of the draft, which must be submitted to the 
parliament before being reviewed by the legislative committee.

Stressing that many unsolicited emails were originating from Africa, 
particularly from Nigeria, Abdal noted that one Kuwaiti lady was 
recently duped by some unscrupulous elements after she fell prey to a 
fraudulent email.


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