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'Defense Ministry's Cyber Network Is Hacker-Proof'

'Defense Ministry's Cyber Network Is Hacker-Proof'
'Defense Ministry's Cyber Network Is Hacker-Proof' 

By Michael Ha
Staff Reporter

A Defense Ministry spokesman assured Tuesday that the department's 
cyber-security system is "hacker-proof," adding that its intra-net 
computer data network is detached from the external Internet.

The ministry's announcement was designed to address new security 
concerns in wake of the arrest of a North Korean defector who was 
allegedly working for North Korean intelligence.

Local media have reported that Won Jung-hwa, 34, had allegedly collected 
e-mail addresses of a number of South Korean military officials. The 
reports said these e-mail addresses may have been used by hackers to 
break into the Defense Ministry's computer network. In fact, the Korean 
military officials issued a security warning to its personnel last month 
when some staff began receiving e-mails with attachments containing 
hacking programs.

But Defense Ministry spokesman Won Tae-jae told local reporters during a 
press briefing Tuesday that the ministry's intra-net network is not 
connected to the external Web, "so that outsiders can't approach the 
internal network through the Internet."


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