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Obama alma mater gets an education in 'net security

Obama alma mater gets an education in 'net security
Obama alma mater gets an education in 'net security 

By Ellen Messmer 
Network World

Punahou School in Honolulu has moved into the networking vanguard since 
presidential candidate Barack Obama graduated from the K-12 school in 

The private school's 45 buildings are now connected via a fiber backbone 
and point-to-point laser system for short-range wireless communications, 
with Cisco switches and a voice-over-IP system for 500 phones, all 
installed in just the last two years. The 76-acre campus also is Wi-Fi 

Except for the very youngest of Punahou's 3,700 students, most attending 
the school have a laptop assigned to them at the start of the school 
year, and are given strict instructions that it's intended for academic 
purposes, not fun and games.

"We have an acceptable-use policy and students have to sign it, and 
sometimes parents do, too," says David Parrish, chief architect of the 
IT network at Punahou. (Yes, if Barack Obama were in high school there 
now, he'd have to sign it, too, to use the school computer and network.)


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