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Hong Kong police gets Cofee boost

Hong Kong police gets Cofee boost
Hong Kong police gets Cofee boost,39044164,62045844,00.htm 

By Vivian Yeo
ZDNet Asia
September 05, 2008

A police officer arrives at the scene of a murder, plugs a thumbdrive 
into a computer that is still running, and executes some 150 
evidence-gathering commands within 15 minutes. A scene from CSI? Not 

The Hong Kong Police Force's technology crime division is one of many 
law enforcement departments around the world involved in the testing of 
Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (Cofee), a free tool from 
Microsoft which can be loaded onto a portable device such as a USB 

Cofee, a program that automates some 150 evidence-gathering commands for 
computers, was released earlier this year in beta version. Available 
only to law enforcement agencies, the tool was the brainchild of Anthony 
Fung, Microsoft's senior regional manager for Internet safety and 
anti-counterfeiting in the Asia-Pacific region.

Paul Jackson, chief inspector, computer forensics and training, 
Technology Crime Division, Hong Kong Police Force, told ZDNet Asia 
Thursday that Cofee is "one of many tools" the force uses to investigate 
a variety of online crimes and to recover digital evidence.


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