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News from Black Hat: Upcoming Events and a New Webcast

News from Black Hat: Upcoming Events and a New Webcast
News from Black Hat: Upcoming Events and a New Webcast

Forwarded from: "jmoss" 

InfoSec News Readers,

This year's USA show is now in the books and I want to thank you for 
helping Black Hat Grow and become better over the years. We think it 
might have been our best event ever with record attendance both in 
training and briefings. In addition to the attendance records, our 
lineup of presentations was our strongest ever. The strength of that 
lineup was in part due to the input of our delegates - USA 2008 was the 
first event where paid attendees participated in the presenter selection 
process. The results of that collaboration were better than we expected 
and we look forward to extending that innovation across our family of 

By far, the most popular presentation was Dan Kaminsky's talk on the DNS 
exploit - it dominated the news coverage and was attended by a standing 
room only crowd that was somewhere near double the size the room was 
supposed to hold. If you'd like video of that talk, you can find it on 
https:/ The rest of the show will be online in video 
and audio formats soon.

If you'd like to see the white papers and slide presentations from BH 
USA 2008, they're available now on our US 2008 archive page. We've also 
got a BH Flickr account if you'd like to see pictures of the event. Our 
photostream on Flickr is named Black Hat Briefings. We'll be adding 
pictures from the show steadily - if you have some you think others 
would like to see, let us know by sending email to and we'll post those too. 

Next on the agenda is Black Hat Japan, which returns to the Keio Hotel 
in Tokyo from October 5 to October 10. Delegate registration is open for 
this event. If you're interested in attending, use the code BHUSJPPA for 
a discount of JPY 20,000. We have a strong lineup of speakers for this 
event that you can check out at: 

Black Hat comes back across the pond for the DC event, which will take 
place February 16-19, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. We've grown 
into a bigger venue and we look forward to a dynamic conference with 
more training offerings. Then Black Hat travels to Amsterdam for Black 
Hat Europe, which returns to the Moevenpick Hotel in Amsterdam from 
April 14-17.

Our flagship event, Black Hat USA 2009 is scheduled for July 25-30 at
Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip with four days of training, our
biggest Briefings ever as we move into the new and expanded conference
building being built as you read this!

Our successful webcast series returns to action on September 18 with a 
full presentation of a very interesting talk from USA 2008 that got a 
good deal of media attention - Alexander Sotirov and Mark Dowd's 
presentation entitled "How To Impress Girls With Browser Memory 
Protection Bypasses." We're trying something new here - we're going to 
use most of the hour to allow a full, in-depth presentation, very 
similar to the way it was presented at the event.  So if you've never 
attended a Black Hat presentation, this is your chance to get a taste of 
what we do.  If you attended, but didn't get the opportunity to hear 
Sotirov and Dowd speak, this will be great for you. Even folks who 
attended the presentation at BH USA might benefit from the opportunity 
to ask questions. You can register for the event at this gnarly URL: 

As always, if you'd like to get onto our mailing list to learn about
webcasts as they're announced, please drop us a line at You can also have access to all of 
Hat's breaking news by following us:
- Twitter at
- Our RSS feed at 

Thank you,
Jeff Moss

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