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Maiffret Merges Startup With DigiTrust Group

Maiffret Merges Startup With DigiTrust Group
Maiffret Merges Startup With DigiTrust Group

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By Kelly Jackson Higgins
Senior Editor
Dark Reading
September 9, 2008

Legendary hacker Marc Maiffret, who recently started a security venture 
after leaving eEye Digital Security, has shifted gears and merged his 
new firm with a more established one, DigiTrust Group, a company run by 
a friend he met back in high school.

DigiTrust plans to soon roll out managed security services for small- to 
medium-sized firms.

Maiffret, 27, last fall quietly left eEye, the company he founded at age 
17, and during a sabbatical laid the groundwork for starting up Invenio 
Security, a boutique consulting firm that provided security consulting 
and training to medium to large businesses, as well as penetration 
testing, application security assessments incident response, malware 
analysis, and even personal security services for individuals. (See 
Maiffret Starts New Security Venture.)

After recently moving from Orange County to Los Angeles for Invenio, 
Maiffret says he reconnected with Jason Lidow, a friend he met on the 
hacking scene back in the day, but who was not =E2=80=9Cup to no good like we 
all know I was for a couple of my teenage years,=E2=80=9D Maiffret says. =E2=80=9CI 
remember even when we first met he already wanted to start a security 
company and wouldn't put that at risk messing around like I did. It just 
took me longer to see clearly what I wanted to grow up and do, whereas I 
think he knew from the moment he got into learning security.=E2=80=9D


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