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news: Data Loss Mail List Has Moved

news: Data Loss Mail List Has Moved
news: Data Loss Mail List Has Moved

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The final touches have been put on the transition of the Data Loss Mail 
List to Extra special thanks to Strange for helping make 
this happen! If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or 
problems, please let us know.

To subscribe to Data Loss, send a mail to 

To unsubscribe from this list, send a mail to 

Please send posts for the list to 

Beginning July 15, 2008, Open Security Foundation is the new host of 
DataLossDB, which will serve as a community-driven project for 
information about data breaches that involve personally identifying 
information. In the near future,'s data loss resources 
will be completely migrated to DataLossDB, so please make sure to keep 
bookmark DataLossDB for updates. Until the migration is complete, you 
can track all of this information through our Data Loss RSS feed or the 
DataLossDB RSS feed.


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